The official Whitepaper of XTRUMP, a XRPL token for freedom lovers.

"We must keep freedom alive in our souls"

— President Donald J. Trump


In the last two years, our freedom has been seized at the level that we've never seen before. Freedom lovers over the world are tired of being oppressed by tyranny governments, corrupted politicians and wealthy elites; not to mention that our freedom of speech has been also cruelly and lawlessly violated by big tech, FAKE news media. We never forget what big tech companies (Facebook, Twitter, Google) did to silence their President Donald J. Trump.
We are a group of freedom lovers, we love President Trump, and we create XTRUMP to send our loud and clear message to the world that we will do everything to protect our freedom, not only for ourselves but also for our future generation. XTRUMP is created for people looking for not only financial freedom and but also a spiritual weapon to fight for their freedom. Our most important mission is to make XTRUMP to be an universal voice of freedom lovers.
XTRUMP is NOT a meme token but a coin that directly powers services, namely XTRUMP services, provided by XTRUMP team. XTRUMP is a XRPL token, which means it is built on top of the XRP Ledger network and inherently possesses many technological advances of XRPL such as low transaction fee, fast transaction and reliable.
XTRUMP services are not only designed to work with XTRUMP but also available for public use. More specifically, any token issuers can use XTRUMP services for their tokens in the same way as we use the services to support our XTRUMP holders. See the XTRUMP Service section for more information about what XTRUMP can provide to the community.
Good to know: The XTRUMP whitepaper is served as the main document providing all information about XTRUMP tokenomics and services built around XTRUMP. The whitepaper will be updated regularly to keep tracking current progression and discussing future plans about XTRUMP.

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